Whatever Makes Me Different

Creative Idea

Sometimes we need to experience a different perspective. We just have to think out of the box for a moment.


Accuracy and punctuality make us achieve the right quality in the end


A smile and energy can be the smallest motivation for those around you


We need to know that losing becomes a win with more interaction

More Aboute Me

Nothing will be like meeting each other, but this may be a good proem:

I am confident that I will be able to make an impact based on my academic and professional background.
I am a graduate of the undergraduate (B.Eng.Sc) and postgraduate (M.S) engineering at the prominent Tehran University. I then changed course and received my Equivalent Masters Degree in Business Administration(MBA) from the same University of Tehran.
I did a variety of marketing and operations activities in the early years of my career. These included digital marketing planning, social media marketing planning, executing a corporate operations team with a similar Uber background, training and QC team leader, and such.
In recent years, I was a member of the two startups and a member of the board of directors. The two startups work in Game Design(RealityGame.me) and Car Services Application(4charkhapp.ir). In addition to the role of Business Developer in each, I also had the role of Product Manager and Analysis.
So I was closely involved in position such as software production technology, product lifecycle, business plan and model, customer relationship management, technology team communication and management.

All my career, I always try to be a smart person, very up-to-date, disciplined, meticulous and energetic at every single moment.

In every position, I have just one goal, nothing else, which is WE ALL CAN WIN.

  • Tehran, Iran
  • Mousavi.Saman@outlook.com
  • +98-912-334-9357